Accountability Group

Accountability Group

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Join the Mantality community through an app that keeps you accountable.

Every day you check in to tick off your version of gratitude and meditation. You share the journey with like-minded people, all striving to become objectively better and more fulfilled.

This package includes:

  • 1 x month membership to the Accountability group
  • Every day check-in and habit building
  • Supportive community

We all know the actions which make us feel fulfilled and in alignment with our values. We also know how different our motivation can be from day to day. We know how easy it can be to complete these actions on a good day compared to how the intent can drop on a bad day.

From being in a rugby league set up my whole life, I have had so many days when my attitude to working hard in the gym and wrestling has been resistant to plunging into the hard work that is required. However, I have always had a full team around me which picks you up and gets you through the motions and gets you to make the START to training so that you are 'in it'. Against your pre made mindset that 'you can't be bothered' or 'too tired', you have a group of guys that are there, ready to go through it together, benefiting from working hard to be better physically and mentally.

So why don't we create our own team...

This Mantality Accountability group is within an app where we can communicate and tick off daily actions to be on a journey with each other, to implement the daily habits that we know are good for us to provide a bigger surface area for us to live more fulfilled and successful lives.

Even though I know how good these practices are, I can still resist completing them because there is only me that is holding me accountable, and as human beings, we go towards the path of least resistance. Therefore I can miss a meditation, or I can miss a form of exercise in the day, even though I know that on the other side of these practices is a happier and healthier me.

This app won't be anything too complicated, but it will serve as a companion for getting the best things we can do for ourselves in the day, done! I know that these things work from my experience in being in some of the most successful teams and setups for most of my life. Having 'teammates' to go in the same direction of self improvement really is a non negotiable if you want to achieve things, and I can say that from my own experience but we are also social animals. It is how we have evolved. Community in the name of improvement is invaluable, I have also felt the absence of that more than many with the list of injuries I have had and I know how not having that community can affect your mental health.

The app won't be a rod to beat yourself with, and if we miss a day, no-one will jump on your back. It will only be met with encouragement and advice from each other.

Note: This month's Accountability course finishes on the 22nd of December and will restart in January.