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Strength In Mind
Strength In Mind
Strength In Mind
Strength In Mind

Strength In Mind

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Strength In Mind. PRE-ORDER.

These t-shirts are made to order. Current delivery time is approximately 7-10 working days.

100% of profits to ‘Young Minds’ charity.

Its time to recognise the positive development in the mental health landscape. We understand the importance of addressing our mental health and it is now the time to be proactive with it and make our mental health work for us.

100% of the profits from this T-shirt is donated to Young Minds. A charity dedicated to offering mental health support to young people and ensuring a proactive approach that leads to a new generation who have strength in mind.

‘Strength In Mind’ has become the updated version of strength. It comes from finding a way to cultivate through adversity. We understand that our courage to be vulnerable results in resilience, growth, and positive change. Let's go beyond stigma together, Now’s the time.

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