Mantality Apparel
Purpose-driven streetstyle

25% of the UK suffer with a mental health problem each year. With this in mind we are committed to donating 25% of all profits to offering immediate psychological support to young people who need it.

Purpose-driven Streetstyle

New in from our premium essentials collection - our classic logo tee. Available in white or navy.

Freedom in the Unknown

The only constant in this world is change... So we might as well find freedom in the unknown...

We believe in being proactive around mental health, not reactive. We work towards progressing the conversation around mental health and developing the knowledge around it, so we can all live better lives.


The choice to cultivate is the choice to improve and develop. It is the choice to accept what we have been given in this moment. It is the choice to invest and progress, not just for ourselves, but for those around us and for those who follow in our footsteps.


Get sh*t done with our cultivate notepads.